Virtual Math Summit 2022 Speakers

Dionne Aminata

Beyond Providing Access: A Framework for Trusting Our Students to Do the Math

Neily Boyd

Making Math Homework Work

Marria Carrington

The Case of Ibby

Michelle Chu

Exploring Building Thinking Classrooms

Dr. Douglas Clements

The Surprising Importance of Early Math

Dawn Dibley

Dawn Dibley

Numeracy and Functional Mathematics

Ryan Dougherty

Brainingcamp: Digital Math Manipulatives for Grades 3-5

Stacey Ellis

Linderman Village: A Micro-Society and Every Day Math Applications

Kristen Emmel

Making Student Thinking Visible: Replacing Math Tests with Math Chats

Mike Flynn

Powerful Moments in Math Class: Why Certain Experiences Stand Out and How to Create More of Them


Engaging Students in Deliberate Practice to Support Procedural Fluency and Strategic Thinking

Duane Habecker

Using Dots to Understand the Traditional Algorithms

Matt Halpern

Tips and Strategies for Building Relationships

Pam Harris

Stop Teaching Algorithms, Start Teaching Real Math


Build One of the Most Important Things

Jason Holloway

Multiplication Fluency Via CGI


Place Value Fluency

Shannon Kiebler

Every Voice, Every Day. Who's Doing Most of the Talking in Your Math Classrooms?


3 Simple Ways to Transform Your Lessons Starting Tomorrow

Dr. Hilary Kreisberg

Structuring Mathematical Discourse to Enhance Problem Solving

Juliana Matherson

Using Math Menus to Support Small Group Instruction

Shannon McCartney

Different Ways to Use Place Value Strips in K-5

Dina Mendola

The Struggle is Real...Fear not the Fraction!

Kara Rihn

Brainingcamp: Digital Math Manipulatives for Grades K-2

Dr. Ange Rogers

Addressing six common place value ‘Thinking Mistakes’ in Grades 3-6


Implementing a research-based place value assessment tool in Years 2-6.

Rosalba Serrano

Equity-Based Math Practices In Action

Marian Small

Meeting the Needs of All Math Learners

Christina Tondevold

From Subitizing to Visualization

Gretchen Wegner

Neuroscience and the Art of Inspiring Students to Study Math

Ken Williams

Better Together