Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed below, please click the HELP button at the bottom-right of the screen to send us a message.

There is one website you need to bookmark for this summit:

It has all the details about the summit and links to each presenter's session page that will take you to the presentation once it goes live. You can use the links to watch the session after it goes live as well.

Here's some info that I've been getting questions about:

Not receiving emails:

If when you registered and advanced to the confirmation page this means you are registered. After that, BMM sends you a confirmation email. We will also send you other information as we draw closer to the Summit dates. If you are NOT receiving email this usually means they are in your spam or promotions folder. It may also mean your school is blocking our email at the building level. We can not troubleshoot this technical issue with you. Your school/district has chosen to block email.

Our email comes from "White-listing" this email address may help. We are unable to troubleshoot the cause of your not receiving email. We are able to confirm your registration and verify email is being "sent". We do have extensive help instructions here. If you do not find our email in SPAM/Promotions and if you think our email is blocked, email us at with your school email address used to register and a personal email address we can change that to.

Login NOT working

No login is necessary to attend sessions. The login you are attempting is for our paid member area. You will be sent all the information needed to attend to the email you registered with.  

VIP Members will be sent links associated with VIP Access through email prior to the Summit's first day.

I watched a session and did not see how to get a Certificate?

You will keep track of the sessions you watched and at the end of the summit you will be sent an email with a link to request your Certificate. At that time you will enter all the sessions watched and a consolidated Certificate will be generated. A Certificate will be created and sent to you based on the total of all sessions watched. So keep track of the sessions watched during the summit. Each session will generate 1 hour or .5 hour of training towards your certificate. Please do not email us and ask for a Certificate. You must be registered for the VMS to receive the email with Certificate link. Hours are awarded both if you watch the session "live" or during valid replay days.

I need CPUs or Credits, how can I get them?

You can request the certificate as described above, but every state/district has different rules about what they accept. Please check with your district to see if they will accept the hours. Members of my paid BMM PD site have the option to get university credit for the PD hours that they do within the site.

Time Zone Conversions

The times are all PDT (west coast of the U.S.). If you need help figuring out what time the sessions will go live, please go to this site and use Los Angeles as the city to find PDT time:

Will the videos have Closed Captions?

Yes. All the sessions have been pre-recorded, so we have been able to get captions added to every video. 

Do I need to be there at the exact time the session starts?

For the best online PD experience, YES. The videos are released at the time specified in the schedule and although the speaker isn’t presenting live, many of the speakers are going to be on their page LIVE at the time of the video release to converse with you in the chat area. So, if a session starts at 8:00am, everyone who is on that page at 8:00am will be interacting/chatting about the session but you will be behind them if you come onto the session page at 8:10am.

You can forward the video ahead 10 minutes to catch up to everyone else, but then you do end up missing 10 minutes of the session….so it is best to be on time to the sessions you are wanting to watch. Also, make sure to refresh the page at the start time of the session. The videos get released at that exact time and you will need to refresh your page and then hit the play button on the video.

Another reason to show up when the session starts is to ensure you get a spot in the Chat area. The chats are set up to hold 2,000 people across all the chats that are happening. There are over 20,000 people registered for the summit. So, if you want to participate in the chat then you will want to be there on time and get signed into the chat box.  

I can't be there for the live time, will I be able to watch them later?

Yes. You can watch all the sessions as many times as you want through March 4 at 10:00pm (PT). After that, the videos go inside the Build Math Minds PD site for members to watch at any time. If you want to be able to watch a video after March 4, consider becoming a member of the Build Math Minds PD site. You can also upgrade your FREE attendance to VIP Access. VIP Access can watch videos until March 31 at midnight PDT. Upgrade to VIP here.

Video Streamining issues

Most video issues are caused by your browser. The first troubleshooting step is to try a different browser. If you are at school your district may be blocking YouTube which is the streaming service used for the videos. You may also have some setting on your browser or YouTube that is causing issues. Know that if you do not see BMM responding in the chat box that there IS a video issue, then that means the problem is unfortunately on your end and we can not assist with tech on the user end. 

We no longer use the Build Math Minds APP

The VMS is available to watch on any device via a web browser.