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Frequently asked questions...

  • When will I get a link to watch the sessions? VMS information will be communicated to you via email but everything you need to watch the sessions is here on this site virtualmathsummit.com. You may see "watch now" buttons on the Schedule page but the video will not play until it's release time shown on the schedule.
  • Do I have to watch the session at the scheduled time? No, you can watch the session as it's released or anytime during the replay period of February 28th through March 8th at 10:00pm PT.
  • Will I need a replay link? If you register for the VMS event you will get notified of how to access the replays. All replays will be on this site: VirtualMathSummit.com.
  • Can I get a Certificate of Attendance? Yes, if you register for the VMS event you will be notified (emailed) AFTER THE SUMMIT IS COMPLETE regarding how to get your certificate. You can earn PD hours in 30 miniutes and 1 hour increments based on the sessions you watch. You will track your sessions and then access the Certificate system after the summit and check the sessions watched and download your Certificate. Please, do not email us and ask for a certificate.
  • Can I get PD credit for the summit? Because each state/district has different requirements for what they accept for PD hours, we cannot guarantee that your state/district will accept this for your PD hours.  You need to check with them. College level continuing education credits are only available to BMM Members who register for college credit.
  • How long do I have to watch the sessions? Free registrants have through March 8th at 10:00PM Pacific to watch the sessions. VIP have through the end of March and Build Math Minds members have access to watch them for as long as they are members. The BMM site is open for enrollment right now at https://buildmathminds.com/bmm/.
  • I registered and have NOT received any confirming emails or information. Unfortunately, due to increased email security in schools many schools/district are blocking external email. This is out of our control. Feel free to email us at info@buildmathminds.com and tell us a personal email address to update your account with so that BMM email reaches you. Be sure to tell us both old and new email address.
  • I'm a BMM Member but keep getting "Become a member emails". You likely have two email addresses in our system (one associated with your membership and a second address which is not). Just email and tell us the two email addresses to merge together for you.